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Today  August,  2020

If you have any questions regarding  Mastiha / Mastic and are still unsure if it is right for you, your question can be submitted to our support team at the support email listed below.



e-mail :        general   questions       best  mastiha  orders       organic  mastiha orders        wholesale  orders export      retail    orders  export  – R & D Department

Note :  We answer all our e mails within a day  –  delay time from 1 – 10 hours due to high traffic.  Free samples available you just pay for shipping and insurance we refund cost on first order.

Due to the large volume of emails, it is helpful if you can address your enquiry to the relevant department. We promise a same day response on all emails.

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P.S.  We answer  your  emails  within the day – we offer  24 hour service

Contact Information

Chios : Premises  Mirmingki Village, Chios,  Geece

 Tel.: +30 69 88 54 77 96 

Athens Branch : Kalithea, Greece

Tel.: +30 69 88 54 77 96

Thessaloniki Branch : Coming Soon

Tel.: +30 69 88 54 77 96


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