Mastic_Best Members Report

16 01 2016

Chios 16/1/2016

We at Mastic Best would like to thank you for your support during all these

years.  Thing are not easy in Greece at the moment but we as growers of Chios Mastic Gum

we are trying to get the best possible products in all categories – Health, Food, Spirits,

Cosmetics.  Our e mails are read and answered immediately in 99 %.  We will overcome

all hurdles and obstacles by working hard and making  everything possible.

All your comments will be taken into consideration, and we will act accordingly.

The following e mail is for members only, we would like to hear from you, 7/365.

Thank you for your time.


Exports Manager


Special Offer 15/1/2016   FOR MEMBERS ONLY.

Mastiha Capsules 45 Caps of 350mg pure fresh mastiha for 12.50 euro

Mastiha Dental toothpaste for 4.90 euro

Mastiha Spirit SVK 1931 at 20% Vol. 200 ml for 3.99 euro





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