20 10 2012
liqueur mastiha-ouzo mastiha

liqueur mastiha-ouzo mastiha

FOR YOUR INFO :   Liquor Mastiha was first introduced world wide in Chios Island – The Mastiha Island – in the early 1900′s,  many distilleries  have copied it and now there are many types of Mastiha Liquor in the market.   Some of them have poor imitation of the real product.   The question is –  where can one find the original Mastiha liquors ?  The answer is  HERE OF COURSE,  almost all liquor Mastiha of Chios have won  Medals at food and drink festivals around Europe..

Our Spirit Recepies go back to the year 1931 from The SVK Distillery located in Chios Greece.

Our bottles come in the following capacities 50 ml,  100 ml,  200 ml,  500 ml.

Photos  of the products will be available to you in a few weeks time.




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